An affordable MBOX to PST files converter tool!

An ‘MBOX to PST files converter tool’ that creates fabulous conversion results!



Out of the several MBOX to PST files converter tools available in the market, Mail Extractor Pro is definitely that one tools that stands out due to its impeccable design.

This amazing tool is the creation of USL Software. The team behind its creation has embedded several top rated features on it to give the users a comprehensive product that holds the power to tackle any aspect of the MBOX to PST files conversions task.


Some of the best features of this tool are:

  • Bulk conversions for easy conversion of large databases

  • Direct scanning of data files

  • Conversion of all properties of email files

  • Full accuracy in the final results

  • Preservation of folder hierarchy structure of the mails

  • Inclusion of simple to understand interface


These are just the main features of course! There is much more to be explored when it comes to the brilliance of this amazing MBOX to PST files converter tool.



Face no file archiving troubles with this MBOX to PST files converter tool!


Mail Extractor Pro is a smart technological product that offers solutions that are meant to make the life of the users easier. One such service is the auto-scan feature. With this feature in place, the users can simply direct the tool with a single click to scan the email application for the MBOX files. As a result, this export Apple Mail to Outlook and MBOX to PST files transfer tool scans, extracts, and uploads the database to the tool for further conversion.


What this entails for the users is that they do not have to get involved in the complex task of archiving the files at first. In fact, apart from saving the efforts of the user, it also helps in saving enormous amount of time for them.


Tool for the conversion of MBOX to PST files!


Mail Extractor Pro is full of surprises, isn’t it? Well, the pricing of the tool definitely comes as a happy surprise for the users.


The full version of this tool has been made available in 3 different yet very affordable license keys. These are:


Standard: This basic license key is meant for private use (friends and family). This one can be installed on up to 2 systems.


Business: This is the next package in line. This key can be installed on up to 50 systems and remains suitable for small businesses or computer repair shops.


Enterprise: The final and the largest package of all is this key. It is suitable for large organizations with 100+ members and with offices distributed over different locations. There is no upper limit for the installation of the same.




All these come with free updates for life and 24*7 customer services. There are not many registration formalities either. Thus, one must definitely grab this MBOX to PST files converter tool for the best experience ever!